Introducing NRC Perks

A member-focused Cannabis Reward Program

Nature's Remedy Cannabis Perks

How It Works

  • Earn 1 point per 1 dollar spent
  • Redeem your points for various product rewards or discounts
  • Convert your Loyalty Points in the NRC App. Get $3 for every 100 points converted. Cash out minimum: $5 or 167 Points
  • Birthday Discount: 20% off entire order not including items on sale or part of a deal
  • REC Double Points: Mondays 9AM – 11AM, Event days, Holidays
  • MED Double Points: Mon – Thurs 9AM – 11AM, Event days, Holidays
  • FREE 20 Points downloading NRC App and enabling push notifications
  • FREE 20 Points For every person you refer + 20 Points for every $100 your referral spends with no cap
  • Receive random discounts, coupons, & offers in the NRC App
  • Participate in lotteries & contests and win more free items and discounts in the NRC App
  • Scan to pay reloadable payment cards in the NRC App, earn a 10% loyalty points boost with each reload.
  • NRC Diamond Club– An Exclusive VIP Club For Our Best Clients – Learn More

  • Digital Punch Cards– A Completely Automated, Exclusive Rewards Program Built on Top of our Loyalty Program! – Learn More

What Do My Loyalty Points Get Me?

  • Hypha Flower 8th 850 Points

    *Diamond Club Exclusive*

  • Glorious Infused Single Preroll 500 Points

    *Diamond Club Exclusive*

  • 710 Single Preroll 400 Points

    *Diamond Club Exclusive*

  • Peninsula Single Preroll 350 Points

    *Diamond Club Exclusive*

  • 10% Off 350 Points
  • 15% Off 500 Points
  • FREE 1/2g Preroll 100 Points
  • FREE 10mg Edible 50 Points
  • FREE 200mg NRC Gummies 250 Points
  • FREE 2g of Flower 350 Points
  • Penny Flower Oz 5000 Points
  • CCELL M3 Plus Vape Battery $10/200 Points
  • NRC Lanyard $12/75 Points
  • NRC Metal Grinder - LG $35/200 Points
  • NRC Clipper Lighter $2/50 Points
  • NRC Rolling Tray $15/125 Points
  • NRC Short Sleeve T-Shirt N/A/150 Points
  • NRC 3/6 Pack Organic Cones $3/50 Points
  • NRC Round Pad $12/65 Points
  • NRC Square Dab Mat $8/60 Points
  • NRC Tiny Tote Stash Case $12/200 Points
  • NRC Graffiti Syndicase $15/175 Points
  • NRC Matches $3/60 Points

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Located in Ferndale, Michigan, Nature’s Remedy Cannabis, the best Cannabis Dispensary in Metro Detroit, offers a large menu of over 100 different brands and 3000+ products.

We maintain a standard of offering the most unique and desirable inventory options to choose from. Our friendly & knowledgeable budtenders will ensure you find exactly what your looking for, as well as open the doors to new products with similar effects that you may not previously have been familiar with.

Education and customer choice are what makes Natures Remedy stand apart from other MI dispensaries.

Come in and see our beautiful store and discover the best cannabis shopping experience you’ve ever had!

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