10 Best 100mg THC Gummies With Sativa Strains

10 Best 100mg THC Gummies With Sativa Strains

Whether you’re interested in medical or recreational use, you might be looking for a different way to experience cannabis and its benefits. These best 100mg THC gummies made of Sativa-dominant strains are your answer.


1. Panama Red

While Indica gummies are well-known for their sedative-like, full-body effects, Sativa gummies generally produce more of a head high that emphasizes euphoria and energy. The highly popular Panama Red embodies these qualities.

With around a 16% concentration of THC, this strain is not too potent and is a good option for beginners. It can help alleviate depression and physical symptoms like nausea.

2. Sour Diesel

This well-known strain is found in Indica and Sativa hybrids like Bermuda Sour. It’s prized for its fast-acting effects and its combination of spicy and sweet taste.

3. Acapulco Gold

A potent Sativa-dominant strain, this powerful blend touts THC levels up to around 25%. It offers both a head high and body high and is very effective at addressing different types of pain, mental distress, and even insomnia. Its buds are adorned in gold.

4. Orange Pineapple

Another Sativa-dominant strain, Orange Pineapple has milder effects with a 15% or below THC level. The earthy and sweet taste and odor, however, cannot be missed. Because of its mellowing properties, this strain’s ideal for relaxation and calming anxiety, especially during social situations.

5. Durban Poison

The potency of this pure Sativa South African strain (24% THC) makes it a favorite for both medical and recreational use. Faithful fans admire its ability to inspire creativity and to provide bursts of energy to get daytime chores done with more ease. Its head high is also great for mental stressors like anxiety and depression. A strong taste and smell make it a good fit for concentrates.

6. Apples & Bananas

Calmness, happiness, relaxation, and high energy are the hallmarks of this fast-acting strain that serves up a full spectrum experience. The name hints at the delicious and satisfying fruity flavor, while its sizeable concentration of THC and all-body effects make it a strong counter to chronic pain.

7. Blue Sherbet

This strain is prized for its long-lasting effects that foster intense focus and creativity. And the incredibly sweet taste is a definite bonus.

8. Super Silver Haze

For an intense and immediate experience that’s true to its hazy name, this Sativa-dominant strain (with its average 20% THC levels) is a solid selection. If you’re tired, stressed, have frequent headaches, or are looking for a little creative inspiration, Super Silver Haze provides the right mix of energy for your body and mellow relaxation for your headspace. And if you’re a fan of spicy herb flavors, look no further. Use code “PREROLLSBLOG20” For 20% OFF Prerolls

9. Sweet Mango

This variety’s perfect for dieters who have issues with gluten, dairy, or non-vegan products. And happiness, energy, focus, and creativity will be your benefits.

10. Bear Dance

At over 30% THC, this powerful Sativa strain is for experienced users who want the ultimate effect.


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