NRC App Updates 1/30/2023

NRC App Updates 1/30/2023

New Login Experience

We have released an improved login experience for our consumers using the NRC App designed to improve the user experience while enhancing security. Consumers will need to create a password to log in to their wallet and access their points, discounts, and other information. After a password is entered, a PIN code is sent via SMS or Email on file with a numeric code to help protect the account. Once this step is complete the consumer may enable biometric login via Face ID or Fingerprint Scan to enter the app seamlessly and without entering anything every time after that. (See below)


Biometric Login Support

Biometric login will now be accessible on the NRC App on both Apple and Android! This includes Touch ID, Face ID, etc. (It will need to be enabled via the settings at the bottom of the profile page). This will allow consumers to access the NRC App faster and easier once they sign in for the first time and enable the feature. Therefore improving the overall consumers’ experience within the NRC App.


Updated Order History Page

We have updated our order history page to include new features like product ratings and the ability to “Buy Again”. Please NOTE: This feature is still in beta testing and may not perform as expected.

Use the “Buy Again” feature to purchase any product again, it will take you directly to that item on our menu as long as it is still available. If the product does not pull up please feel free to call us at 248-397-9797 to check current availability.


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