What Is Considered “High THC”?

What Is Considered “High THC”?

What Is Considered “High THC”?

Broadly speaking, a cannabis product is considered ‘high THC’ if it has THC concentrations greater than 15%. A “very high THC” product contains concentrations greater than 25%. This measure is for the cannabis flower itself; other cannabis products such as cannabis oil will carry THC in much higher concentrations.

Other Factors to Consider

Although the THC percentage can give you an idea of the potency cannabis has, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t paint the complete picture of what a cannabis product can do for you. There are other active ingredients in cannabis products that you should consider when choosing the right product for you. Here are some other indicators of cannabis potency that you should look out for:


THC isn’t the only compound found in the cannabis plant. The trichomes that comprise the sticky, shiny outer layer of the cannabis bud also play a role in the effects the plant can have. Specifically, the terpenes found in this part of the plant can have a dramatic impact on the way the plant interacts with users.


Terpenes have long been known for their aromatic properties, but we’re now beginning to understand the impact these compounds have on the effects of cannabis products. It is thought that terpenes create a synergy with other active ingredients of cannabis, enhancing the effects that THC and other compounds would have on their own.


The second most common cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant is CBD. It’s extremely popular because it does not give the user the euphoric high that THC does when it is isolated. Cannabidiol is still psychoactive – strains that contain small amounts of CBD in combination with THC often give users a more well rounded effect.


Sativa dominant strains in particular are more likely to feature small amounts of CBD than indica dominant strains. Limonene, CBD, and THC together will traditionally create more of the uplifting feeling that sativa lovers are looking for. Check out ,Modified Mimosa Flower by FLWRPOT if you’re looking for a potent sativa strain.


While THC is the best known of the cannabinoids that are active ingredients in cannabis products, cannabigerol, or CGG, is just as or arguably more important to the pleasant effects this plant can create. CBG is the early-phase cannabinoid that all other cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant originate from, earning it the title of “mother of all cannabinoids.”


CBG is not an intoxicant so doesn’t create the highs that some other ingredients in cannabis do, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. This compound has been shown to be beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and other issues, giving CBG a high potential for medicinal applications.


Micro Cannabinoids

When people discuss THC in cannabis plants, they’re usually referring to delta-nine-THC; however, there are other THC compounds present in a plant. Some of these are rarer and may provide even more potent effects than this standard form of THC.


In particular, look out for THC-P and THC-H compounds in your cannabis products. These compounds can be ten times as powerful or more compared to delta-nine-THC, creating more acute effects that many cannabis enthusiasts desire.


Entourage Effect

When a strain produces a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes each one arrives with unique effects and benefits, and their behavior may change in the company of other compounds. This is the entourage effect.


When looking for the best cannabis experience consumers should aim for full spectrum products that include all of the cannabis plant’s compounds. Strains that offer a more balanced terpene and cannabinoid profile will produce more favorable results; however, cannabis isolates still have their place when the user is looking for a particular result.


Find High-THC Sativa Strains and Other Quality Cannabis Products

There are more cannabis products to choose from today than ever before, but as the experts at your local Ferndale dispensary can tell you, not all cannabis products are created equal. Check out our guide about what to look for when choosing high-THC sativa strains and other cannabis products.


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