What Types of Cannabis Have a High THC Percentage?

What Types of Cannabis Have a High THC Percentage?
What Types of Cannabis Have a High THC Percentage?
If you’re a new cannabis convert, you may be surprised to learn that all cannabis isn’t created equally. Instead, certain strains produce specific effects in most users, and the THC and TCHa content of the strain plays a significant role in how potent it is and how it interacts with your body. So if your current product isn’t giving you the results you’re after, it may be time to switch to cannabis with a high THC percentage.

What Types of Cannabis Have a High THC Percentage?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive element of cannabis that causes the user to experience the sensation of being “high.” Still, there’s more to feeling good than how much THC is in a strain. In order to gauge potency value, THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and THC amounts will need to be determined using a formula that accounts for the amount of heat a strain has been exposed to; this formula is THCtotal = (%THCA) x 0.877 + (%THC).
Higher levels of THC will typically correlate to a more intense psychoactive experience. There are benefits associated with higher THCa levels, as it is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, with high-level variants often used in a medicinal capacity. If you’re interested in experiencing the sensation of a high THC strain or seeking the benefits associated with THCa, there are some flower and preroll form heavy hitters you’ll want to try.

Watermelon Xkittlez

Moonrocks are well-loved in the cannabis community for being some of the most potent products in flower form. The Watermelon Zkittlez indicia strain by Moon Rocks offers a TCHa concentration of 53.64% and 9.85% THC.
This ratio creates a soaring high that’s blissfully euphoric and excellent for a quiet night at home. So put on your favorite tunes or movie and enjoy the tranquil state that Watermelon Zkittlez provides.


With a THC percentage of 34, the hybrid Runtz Moon Rocks by Harbor Farms offers a potent high that leaves most partakers feeling calm, blissful, and relaxed. However, while this strain may be a perfect mood booster, many users enjoy increased energy when using this product, so it’s a great option early in the day. It also boasts an impressive THCa percentage of 13.10.

Fire as F*ck Preroll

Although this strain is relatively new, it’s quickly amassing a loyal following. Providing an elevated mood and body-wide buzz thanks to 185.5mg/g of TCHa and 4.09mg/g of THC, Fire as F*ck by Glacier cannabis is a strain you’ll find yourself selecting again and again.

Columbian Dream Preroll

Suppose you’re looking for the anti-inflammatory and appetite-stimulating properties of THCa paired with a gentle high. In that case, the Columbian Dream Preroll by Nature’s Remedy should make it on your “to-try” list. Use code “PREROLLSBLOG20” For 20% OFF Prerolls
Try this strain when you’re looking to get things done, as you can expect this blend to leave you feeling cheerful, creative, inspired, and focused. The light high accompanying this strain comes courtesy of a .28% THC concentration, and a health-boosting THCa concentration of 27.72%
cannabis enthusiasts looking to experience a significant high from their product and increased health benefits should consider selecting strains with high THC and THCa percentages. However, as you continue searching for the ideal blend, remember that every individual’s body chemistry is unique, and what works for your friend might not be the right fit for you. Don’t let this discourage you. Instead, enjoy the high life and sample strains until you find the optimal one for you.

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