B2G1 | Voyage Bloom | Prepacks

B2G1 | Voyage Bloom | Prepacks

Buy (2) Voyage Bloom 3.5g Prepackaged Flower and Get one for a Penny.

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First time Guests:

20% OFF all non discounted items + FREE 8th OR Edible!

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Double Loyalty Points

REC: Mondays from 9AM – 11AM, Event days, Holidays

MED: Mon – Thurs 9AM – 11AM, Event days, Holidays

Early Bird Special:

15% off your order Mon - Thurs, 9am - 11am


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Happy Hour Specials: (In store only)

  • Early bird special Mon – Thurs 9am – 10am – 15% off Non discounted items
  • REC Double Points: Mondays 9AM – 11AM, Event days
  • MED Double Points: Mon – Thurs 9AM – 11AM, Event days


Prize Wheel

In store only: Prize Wheel with purchase every Friday from 4pm – 7pm.


Special Discounts:

Veterans Discount: 15% Off, must show DoD Card. 

Seniors Discount: 15% Off, ages 55 and up only, must show ID.

First Responders Discount: 15% Off, must show badge/ certification

Student Discount: 15% off, must show student ID or verify student email address

Birthday Special: 20% off, must be your actual birthDAY


Bulk Deals Available on Saturdays only:

  • Buy any 4 or more of the same non discounted items and take 15% off (max $90 off) (must be the same exact item / flavor/ strain / brand)
  • Buy any 8 or more of the same non discounted items and take 20% off (max $120 off) (must be the same exact item / flavor/ strain / brand)
  • Max out your allotment with flowerprerolls, or vapes and take 20% off on non discounted items 
  • Buy 1 item from each category (flowerprerollediblevapeconcentrateCBDAccessory) and get 20% off non discounted items. (Max $65 off)
  • Spend $400 or more on accessories and take 15% off non discounted items (max $80 off)
  • Spend $600 or more before tax and after deals on delivery and take 15% off all other non discounted items. (max $100 off)


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